Electric Eric

....is....  Eric Lipper


I have played onstage with the following classic artists:

The 1910 Fruitgum Company

Lou Christie   

Charlie Thomas's Drifters

Bobby Lewis

Danny & The Juniors  

The Chiffons

The Elegants   


Eddie Holman            


I currently am a part of the following bands:

The E. Mitchell Combo    - (guitar/lead vocals)  my own semi-acoustic folk, country & classic rock band

The Buflakies            - (drums/lead vocals) original aggressive, progressive rock 

Arabian Love Manual  -(drums/vocals) originals: late '70s funk/ska meets '90s alternative   facebook - ALM

Shadows of the 60's      - (keyboards) a tribute production to Motown                   www.shadowsofthe60s.com

Snafu                    - (drums/vocals) classic to current rock                     facebook - Snafu NewJersey

The Dan Fluegal Project  - (bass/vocals) original rock & classic covers